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Trigonometry Triple-angle, Multi-angle and Power Reduction Formulas

Triple-angle Identities   Multi-angle Identities
trigonometry sin triple-angle formula  

If Tn is the nth Chebyshev polynomial then

trigonometry cos multi-angle formula

trigonometry cos triple-angle formula  

If Sn is the nth spread polynomial, then

    trigonometry sin multi-angle formula

trigonometry tangent triple-angle formula  

de Moivre's formula

de Moivre's multi_angle formula


The Dirichlet kernel Dn(x) is the function occurring on both sides of the next identity:


TrigonometryDirichlet Kernel function formula in maths

Power Reduction Formulas
math trigonometry sin squared formula
math trigonometry cos squared formula
math trigonometry sin at the 3rd power formula
power reduction formulas in math trigonometry math trigonometry cos at the 3rd power formula

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